Where your dogs are as welcome as you are at our Otway Ranges pet friendly accommodation!

We treat your pet to 5 star luxury.

Pet friendly? You better believe it!  We are number one in Australia for Best Guest Experience based on guest reviews across the internet.  You won’t believe the number of times we hear the words “I can’t believe how truly dog friendly you are”!

We know your dog is as much a part of the family as the people within it – this is why we go all out to make them feel at home.  Dogs on holidays…happy dogs, happy people!  We provide a cosy bed, with blanket and bowls, home made dog treats and fabulous rain water to welcome your canine pal on arrival.  We even leave some furniture cover sheets for the couch potatoes among the party.

Your dog will love the open spaces and long bush walks.   Our huge dam is securely fenced so that your dog/s can be off leash for some happy galloping and perhaps a swim or two.  The yards around the cottages also ensure that they can play with relish and you don’t need to worry about them running off into the bush after all those interesting new smells.  Because our cottages are at least 50 – 75 meters apart, there is minimal risk of finding another dog on the other side of your fence.

Your Assistance Animals are, naturally, most welcome too!

Here at Countrywide Cottages, we pride ourselves on the meticulous cleanliness of our cottages.  Please be assured you won’t see evidence of previous guests pets in your cottage when you stay here in our Lorne dog friendly accommodation!

Dogs are allowed in the Otway Forest Park just beyond our back fence too – a wonderful spot to take advantage of our Great Ocean Road dog friendly accommodation , so let them drag you along for a walk and take home a happily exhausted little mate.  There are also lots of dog friendly beaches within half an hours drive also, for the salt water fiends.

So if you like holidaying with dogs, this is the place for you.

Bit worried the crew might miss you if you need to go out without them?

As long as you are happy, we are happy for you to leave your dog/s here if you need to go out.  You are the one who best knows your dogs individual needs.  The yards each have access to the cottage verandah for shade and shelter.

If you feel they need more lovin’ though, we’ve got a great thing going for dog sitting during your stay with Deb Campbell of Sams Place home stay for dogs.  Deb will happily host your dog/s at her place in nearby Deans Marsh by prior arrangement.  Please contact her directly on 0410 692 665 or via the contact page on her website.    Dog sitting at it’s best, here in the Otways!

Need to employ the talents of the BEST pet photographer in Victoria (possibly, the world)?

You may have noticed the amazing images on our website.  And did you notice the beautiful videos below?  We are very happy to be in partnership with one of Melbournes best pet photographer, Caitlin from Ragamuffin Pet Photography.   By prior arrangement, Caitlin can visit while you are here and provide you with some lasting memories of your gorgeous pooch!  Take a look at our “Sleep and Smile package” page for information.

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