Testimonials for our Countrywide Cottages pet friendly Otways accommodation

“We are immensely proud of our award winning Otways pet friendly cottage accommodation we provide. Our clients testimonials below give us the idea we are getting it right.”

Di Schulze, host & owner of Countrywide Cottages.


Our dog had the best time she has ever had in her life!



Thanks again for welcoming us into your natural paradise of beauty.

Gwenda, Ian, Sharon, Nathan, Lachlan, Razzie and Woody


We were just so so pleased with our stay at Countrywide Cottages. On arrival there were dog bikkies which just melted my heart – so gorgeous. Di the owner was just divine. We were a bit anxious about leaving our dog alone in an unfamiliar environment as we wanted to go down to Lorne for dinner. She offered to check on him and sent a message that he was fine – what a relief and just so thoughtful of Di! We would definitely be going back especially for Tonka to swim in the big lake they have.

Mellisa Marson


The accommodation has certainly exceeded our expectations and after visiting many dog friendly properties this is certainly the best.

Rob and Tanya, and our dogs Molly and Wilson


We were very impressed with Igloo; the space inside made getting around the house easier, the wide doorways, accessible bathroom, easy access to the backyard (we enjoyed a campfire), and the easy access benches were just wonderful. We felt comfortable and relaxed from the moment we walked in, and the cabin didn’t have the ‘clinical’ feel that some accessible accommodation has.



What can we say but pure bliss! Our time here on this glorious property on the land, by the lake, among the trees, the creatures and in the Canopy has been so memorable. Thank you for providing such a stunning combination of the land and comforts of the cottage.

Simon and Brad


Loved the spaciousness of the Igloo. Totally suited to my husband who is confined to a wheelchair.

Vera, Monica, Monty and Willow


You truly have a ‘slice of heaven’ here… thank you so much for the absolute privilege and your generosity, in allowing us to be a part of this fabulous place!

Marion, Colin and Monique


We had a fantastic 70th birthday celebration weekend with the whole 15 of us spread between the tranquil Villa and the chaos Canopy. We loved feeding the animals, taking walks, yabbying in the dam, playing pool, darts and hookie – plus squatter, having long lunches and celebrating with more good food, wine and cake….all topped off with a relaxing port in front of the fire. Great accommodation.

The Gunnings


You have a wonderful little piece of Victoria to share with your guests.

Emma and Kellie


We had a great time visiting… it is always lovely to be back! Perry was fascinated by the animals, and thank you chickies for a yummy quiche for supper. Also, the fence is peace of mind in case of wandering dogs and kiddies.

Jeni and the De Wets


Outstanding accommodation where every consideration is given to making the guests, both human and K9, extremely comfortable. A very restful and enjoyable place to holiday.

Paul Boston


It’s great to be able to go away and take all the members of your family, including the furry ones!

Pris, Paul and Sami


Votre Petit Maison est magnifique. Merci Beaucoup.

Jean and Elif


Thank you for the beautifully presented Villa.

James and Helen


We’ve travelled the world a number of times and have stayed at many four and five star hotels. Your cottages were one of the cleanest and homely places we’ve had the pleasure to stay at.



You have created the most wonderful sanctuary for your visitors… from the gorgeous bed linen to the amazing artwork and photographs.

Ben, Renee, Lily and Elan


Thank you for the beautiful music as we arrived. The children loved feeding the lambs and chooks, the dogs loved the fire. You’re a wonderful host. Keep up the great work – you just don’t get that ‘smile’ anymore.

The West Family


You’ve done a great job with the decorations and disabled access. For a bunch of OTs, it’s spot on!

Em, Maz and Tam


The best place that we’ve ever been to in terms of appreciating the needs of bringing the dog with us.



This place is superb.  It is the best family accomodation that we have come across. We all had a great time feeding Mimi, Hughey, Mama the bunnies and Ratbag, Minnie and Norman.  We had lots of fun chasing the chickens, playing pool, playing darts, and most of all catching yabbies.

The Smith family


Thank you for such a fantastic stay – we brought home five exhausted and very happy dogs!

Alison Gilmore


Well done with the make over – it is fresh and bright.

Jeni, Kobus, Alec and Kaylee


We all loved the species-specific cookies!

Olivia, Tom, Dougal and Riley