Pet friendly accommodation near Great Ocean Road

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Pet friendly accommodation near Great Ocean Road

The New Year is just around the corner and the summer school holidays run until the start of February.


Destinations along the Surf Coast fill up with holidaymakers and tourists over the Christmas and New Year period. If you’d prefer to avoid the peak Christmas holiday traffic along the Great Ocean Road but still want to get away before school returns, why not book a stay at our Great Ocean Road pet friendly accommodation in the second half of the school holidays or over the Australia Day weekend.

Our cottages are located in the serene bushland in Bambra, a short drive from the Great Ocean Road where you can take your pick from the many of the fantastic eateries, shops and beaches. Our peaceful accommodation is perfect for everyone – couples, families and your pets! Of course, when you come to stay with us you don’t need to go anywhere, our accommodation has all the facilities you need to stay put and enjoy the peaceful and scenic surroundings.

Usually, when people go away over summer they need to find appropriate care for their pets. Whether it’s a responsible neighbour, family member, friend or boarding kennel, finding someone you can trust or paying a professional boarding place for pets is an extra stress you don’t need when you’re taking a holiday! Especially when you’d much rather just bring them with you. We understand that pets, especially dogs, are part of the family and we welcome a variety of animals to join you at our 16-acre spread of bushland – we have even welcomed horses and donkeys before too!

Your pets are welcome inside the accommodation too, there’s no need to put them out at night unless you normally would and want to. Enjoy your holidays with the whole family, even your furry friends. Contact us to book a stay at our Great Ocean Road pet friendly accommodation.